Andromeda Peters

Fluent Languages
Accepted Insurances
BCBS, Cigna, UHC

Do you ever feel like you’re alone in your emotional challenges? Managing our mental health is something we should never have to do alone. My life’s journey has led me to my passions in both the mental health and entertainment industries, allowing me to serve as a therapist, speaker, and advocate for mental health resources internationally. I guide people to feel their power which does not lie in an ideal of perfection, but rather to find ourselves in a space where we can begin to meet ourselves where we are to heal with self-compassion. With gratitude, I am a guide to assist individuals with depression, anxiety, and PTSD, as well as couples.

I have a holistic and strength-based approach to healing utilizing mindfulness techniques in combination with trauma-focused healing to assist with PTSD, anxiety, and depression with brain education. For individuals who may find this to their benefit, I also provide a spiritual approach to healing in connecting with our higher selves.

I share all that I have learned with you as a therapist to guide you, as you are the expert in who you are. I just help you make valuable connections in expanding your understanding of your experiences. I welcome an opportunity to serve you on your healing journey while encouraging you along the way.


PTSD Anxiety Disorder Depression Stress Management Relationship Problems