Adelisa Turnadzic

Adelisa Turnadzic (she/her)

Fluent Languages
Conversational in Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian and Spanish

Accepted Insurances
BCBS, Cigna, UHC, Self-Pay, Aetna


You’re curious about starting therapy, but you might still feel some hesitation. Maybe you’ve even taken the brave step of trying it out in the past, and it wasn’t what you had hoped for. Adelisa (she/her) understands that the process of starting therapy can feel really intimidating for these reasons. Opening up to someone can be hard, and that’s especially true if you’ve been taught that it’s something you should fear or be shamed for. Adelisa invites you to toss those harmful messages aside and reach out, because no one needs to handle everything on their own.

Adelisa works with individuals and couples using a strengths-based and person-centered approach. As a therapist, she believes in meeting clients where they are and working collaboratively to explore where they would like to go. She truly believes that you are the expert on yourself and your life – even if it may not feel like it in this moment. Her role is to cultivate a strong therapist-client relationship and create a safe environment that allows you to show up as your authentic self and address the things that truly matter to you. When it comes to the styles of therapy she implements, Adelisa takes an eclectic approach in order to accommodate the uniqueness of each client, their background, and their goals for therapy. Some of the approaches she uses to inform her practice include Solution Focused Therapy, Existential-Humanistic Therapy, and behavioral therapies such as CBT, DBT, and ACT. Her experience includes working with clients living with depression, anxiety, substance/alcohol use, chronic illness/pain, relationship difficulties, and life transitions – among other challenges. As a queer woman and daughter of immigrants, she’s also passionate about working with queer and immigrant communities and the challenges they often face.

Adelisa obtained her B.A. in Psychology from Clark University in Massachusetts and her Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago. Her previous experience includes working in an inpatient facility serving women recovering from substance use disorders and co-occurring diagnoses. After moving to Chicago, she began providing counseling services at a community mental health center serving a wide variety of clients in the Chicagoland area.

Adelisa Turnadzic's Specialties

LGBTQIA+ Anxiety Disorder Depression Relationship Issues Cultural Identity Grief and Loss Life Stage Adjustment Transitions Stress Management