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Will They Stay Married or Choose Divorce?

Plascilla Foster, LPC, NCC

As Season 14 of Married at First Sight ends soon, making predictions on which couples will say “yes” on decision day or choose to get a divorce can be remarkably interesting. Based on what I saw this season, I predict that only two couples will say “yes” on decision day, and here is why.

Lindsey and Mark 

According to Gottman and Silver (2015), the biggest predictor of divorce is contempt. Contempt in a relationship is when a partner is being cruel to the other, disrespectful, calling them names, mocking, ridiculing, and overall having rooted negative thoughts about their partner. As well as, encapsulating a belief of superiority, that your partner is less than or beneath you. Let us start with Lindsey and Mark. I predict that this couple will choose to divorce on decision day. Lindsey has displayed contempt for Mark for the majority of the season. She ridiculed Mark in the aspect of his annual income, she ridiculed his home, and she shared how dissatisfied she was with their sex life with everyone! This most definitely humiliated Mark and I do not think she recognized just how insulting she has been towards her husband, but I hope that after watching the episodes back she can understand just how hurtful she was towards Mark with the comments she made. 

Katina and Olajuwon

Up next, we have Katina and Olajuwon! I predict that this couple will also say “no” on decision day, and here is why. Olajuwon has also displayed contempt towards Katina, but not as much as Lindsey has shown Mark. Olajuwon ridiculed his wife for not having specific accomplishments completed in her life (i.e., completing college, owning a home, maintaining a solid career, and saving money). Accomplishing life goals looks different for everyone. At some point in the season, I saw hope that Olajuwon would show more appreciation towards Katina, but I am not sure if it was enough to eliminate the contempt. 

Noi and Steve

Now let us take a look at Noi and Steve! While Noi displayed criticism towards Steve for not having a job, she showed a soft approach to discussing this issue that concerns her, and I predict that they will say “yes” on decision day. It can be natural to feel insecure in a relationship where financial stability is unpredictable, that is what Noi could have been experiencing. 

Jasmina and Michael

Let us move on to Jasmina and Michael. While Jasmina and Michael had a rough start, they were able to turn things around and develop a friendship. They explored each other’s interests, goals, and past hurts, and took part in each other’s activities. They turn towards each other during vulnerable moments, which demonstrates they are creating trust by sharing emotions in their relationship. So, they are developing a sturdy foundation and could build up from there. Intimacy has been a challenge in their relationship, but I do not feel that that has stopped them from saying “yes.” After only knowing each for eight weeks, to be able to have a solid friendship makes this couple the most likely couple from this season to have a lasting, successful marriage. 

Alyssa and Chris

Lastly, we all know that Alyssa and Chris have already called it quits within the first week of marriage, but why? Alyssa was in contempt before she even saw Chris! During the first episode, she revealed superficial deal breakers for her marriage. 

So, while these couples got married at first sight, if you are considering marriage or dating someone pays close attention to their display of contempt in their current relationships. If some of these issues are present in your relationship, you and your partner may be able to benefit from couples counseling. Contact Symmetry Counseling today to get paired with a Chicago counselor to help support you in your relationship.  


Gottman, J. M., & Silver, N., (2015). The seven principles for making marriage work. 

 New York, NY: Harmony Books. 

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