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What Are the Benefits of a Healthy Marriage?

By Plascilla Foster, LPC, NCC

You are in a long-term relationship, and you have been with your partner for some time. You are single and dating. You could be a divorcee or a widower. In all of these different scenarios you may have asked yourself the question, “Should I get married?” For some individuals, it may be, “Should I get married again?” Deciding to get married may feel scary, and despite the effects, one may have experienced from being in an unhealthy relationship or marriage, there are some great benefits one can experience from being in a healthy marriage!

The Physical and Mental Benefits of a Healthy Marriage

According to Stanton (2012), research has been conducted on the benefits of marriage, and the benefits lay in the areas of living longer and being physically and mentally healthier. Those who are married versus those who are single are more likely to feel happier than not. In the areas of coping with medical conditions, those who are married are more likely to recover from medical procedures and conditions quicker. Those who are in a healthy marriage not only think about their spouse’s health but also how the choices they make impact their spouse and relationship. So, it is not just about being married, but being in a healthy marriage. So, what are some signs that you are in a healthy marriage?

Signs You Are in a Healthy Marriage

Some of the signs that you are in a healthy marriage are: There is peace in the marriage, both spouses trust each other, you feel like you are able to be yourself, each spouse is secure in the relationship and feels safe, and healthy communication styles, there is a friendship in the marriage and both spouses enjoy time together. Both spouses support each other’s goals, dreams, and aspirations, both spouses are attuned to each other’s needs, and in the marriage, there is a healthy balance between sharing responsibilities.

A Healthy Marriage Can Help You Live Longer

Research has shown that those who are married have a higher probability of living longer versus those who are single. Hypothesized reasons that married individuals live longer have correlated to socioeconomic privileges of what marriage offers (tax benefits, sharing household expenses, combining health care coverage, more opportunities to take risks on investments, and overall financial rewards). These socioeconomic privileges may assist in life stresses that arise from managing a household and managing a household alone.

A Healthy Marriage Can Improve Your Physical Health

Next, better physical health is often seen in those who are married versus unmarried. Married couples are more likely to enjoy physical activities. You may have more encouragement to exercise and may be more motivated to engage in physical activities with a partner. When someone is married, a spouse is more likely to observe changes in mood, behavior, energy, and diet. This can correlate to seeking medical treatment sooner versus someone who is unmarried. In a healthy marriage, spouses are invested in the well-being of their spouses. This means spouses watch out for one another, pay attention to each other, and care about how their choices impact their spouses. Activities like heavy drinking, substance use, or behavior that will physically harm the body are often discouraged by a spouse.

Better Emotional Support in a Healthy Marriage

When it comes to being in a healthy marriage, a spouse is more likely to receive great emotional support than someone who is single. Emotional support helps a person remain engaged in treatment, motivated to overcome challenges, and cope with threatening illnesses. Also, those in a healthy marriage are less likely to experience severe depressive symptoms (Stanton, 2012). Overall marriage can be a wonderful thing if you are in a healthy marriage.

If you have been thinking about getting married, or re-married, but fear that you will not be happy, your relationship may change for the worse, or things may repeat themselves from a previous unsatisfying marriage, you may benefit from counseling to process your worries and concerns. Reach out to Symmetry Counseling today to learn more about our individual and couples therapy services, and arrange your appointment with one of our very skilled therapists today.


Stanton, G. (2012, October 8). The health benefits of marriage. Focus on the family.

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