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How to be Honest with Yourself

Often times we are not honest with ourselves even though we can trick ourselves with being honest. We tell our friends to be honest and we try to be honest as much as we can, but we all have faults and we tend to fall off at times. You might have a friend that is not 100% honest with you at all times, and sometimes separation occurs. Don’t be that person that is being separated from their friends or even themselves. There are a few ways that you can work on being honest with yourself. Honesty takes time, so do not expect it to happen right away and there will also be setbacks — that is okay!

Acknowledge the good and the bad

When we can acknowledge both the good and bad in our lives, we can tend to be more honest with ourselves. Allowing ourselves to be more realistic and open can help us. We often times try to suppress or cover up the bad but bringing that to the fore front and really trying to face it straight forward can be helpful for you to be honest with yourself. Having a balanced viewpoint is always a great thing.

Take time to reflect

Allowing yourself to engage in self-care which includes just allowing yourself 5-10 minutes a day to reflect on your day, your feelings, your emotions, etc. Asking yourself what went right and as planned in your day, and what are things that you could have changed in your day.

Admit when you make mistakes

No one likes to admit when they are wrong, and it takes a lot of practice to be able to get to that point in our lives. But admitting to yourself that you were wrong, and you could have handled this differently can help you in the long run. Mistakes are a part of life, and everyone makes mistakes-just own up to them!

Pay attention to your feelings

We all have emotions, and we tend to lean on others for support and seeking out emotions from them. Being aware of your own emotions and feelings can help you feel comfortable with addressing your own in honesty. When you are able to recognize your own emotions and feelings, it helps you understand yourself better.

Be straightforward — don’t overanalyze

Often enough we tend to overanalyze what we could have done better, what we did wrong, etc. Stop thinking that way. Be straight forward and confess to the negatives and what was wrong in your day or how you acted. Be honest with yourself and learn from your mistakes and your own thought pattern.

Know what you need to know

We are not going to know everything, and that is ok. You need to be ok with that too-you are not capable of knowing everything. Being realistic with yourself and understanding that are limitations to what we need to know is important.

Honesty takes practice

It isn’t easy to be honest with yourself, and it takes practice. Sorry to be honest with you, but it might take a while for you to get comfortable with it. But being aware of your thoughts and emotions can help you becoming more honest. You have to be willing to change and willing to take chances in your life to create an honest self.

You are not alone, and we all have times of slip ups and not being honest with who we are. That is ok and the whole goal is to practice honesty and then it will become easier.

If you are struggling with not being honest with yourself or are feeling stuck, feel free to contact any of our trained therapists to help you.

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