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10 reasons why your partner should be your friend too

August 15, 2014

You have probably watched a movie where the main romantic protagonists declare that they could “never be just friends: because their romantic feelings are simply too strong. However, what is rarely touched on in the cinematic world of ‘happily ever after’ is that while lovers may not want to be friends, friendship is a vital part of any loving relationship. Drama can be drab A solid relationship base of friendship may not seem as dynamic as the…

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Building Empathy in Your Romantic Relationship

January 28, 2014

Most of us understand that empathy, or the ability to connect with someone through feeling with them, is an important part of a good romantic relationship. Even though we know this, time and time again we all fall short when it comes to being empathic with our partner. We get critical when we should be nonjudgmental or take something personally when we should simply be open and accepting. We turn away from our partner’s emotion rather than…

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8 Signs That You Might Be Sabotaging Your New Relationship

December 23, 2013

Dating is not always easy, and a new relationship can be both intoxicating and challenging. You and your new partner are constantly revealing aspects of who you are to one another as you get to know each other. Although this newness is thrilling, this exchange can touch some of our most vulnerable parts – and being vulnerable can put us in a difficult position. We can choose to either revel in this emotional and psychological risk taking,…

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