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Benefits of Structured Problem-Solving to Tackle Anxiety and Depression

June 10, 2022

Steven Losardo, LMFT The efficient relationship of holistic internal self and external interactions is essential to maintaining a healthy balance in life. Habits, routines, emotions, physical functioning, and thoughts intertwine our life situations. Further, even if we are all in the same situation, each will have a unique story as we relate to it. When depression or anxiety impacts our lives, we need to review the dynamic of this inside-outside relationship to improve and manage symptoms effectively.…

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Why Your Relationship May Be Stuck in Neutral

November 7, 2021

Steven Losardo, MFT Are you currently in a relationship that seemed promising initially but recently has become not so fun or satisfying anymore? Are you beating yourself up about it, or are you starting to secretly wonder if maybe this new, tougher phase is not entirely your fault? And are you feeling afraid to face some of your own deepest fears about the future of the relationship?  The very fact that you are reading this article suggests…

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Dating After Mending: 5 Considerations When Beginning a New Relationship

September 14, 2021

Steven Losardo, MFT  When beginning a new relationship, remember to consider your own character as well as theirs, and be aware that this new love interest has their own unique story. Keep in mind, too, that your prior experiences will not match theirs. Whatever your past history, however, whether you were burned in your past relationships, or you betrayed someone else, it is still possible to enter into a healthy new relationship.  How will you know? Have…

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Is Dating App Rejection Causing You Depression and Anxiety?

August 7, 2021

Steven Losardo, LMFT  Similar to the anxiety that you may experience after posting a selfie on social media, putting yourself out there on dating apps can also be nerve-wracking. At times, using a dating app may lead to few matches and result in feelings of rejection.  Dating apps such as Bumble, Plenty of Fish, and Tinder are popular with millennials and have sparked many healthy relationships. However, this isn’t always the case. Remember, when using a dating…

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5 Tips to Decrease Work Stress with Your Spouse

August 6, 2021

Steven Losardo, MFT  Returning to the office after working from home or being unemployed during the pandemic can be an adjustment. The change may be adding stress and negatively impacting your relationships, but there are paths to relief. Together with your spouse, you can help each other relieve stress by using various exercises.  Tip 1: The Gottman Stress Reduction Conversation One of the best ways to reduce stress with your spouse is the Gottman Stress Reduction Conversation,…

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6 Ways to Practice a Mental Health Wellness Routine At Home

June 27, 2021

Steven Losardo, AMFT  If you are someone who has had to transition from working in an office environment to working at home during the pandemic, it is likely that many changes have altered your routine. Mindful Magazine (2020) notes, one effect of switching to remote work is the loss of a social environment, which has impacted mental health for many people. The pandemic has been a source of depression and anxiety for remote workers, which is why…

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6 Simple Strategies to Sustain Your At-Home Wellness Routine

June 18, 2021

Steven Losardo, AMFT   You may be wondering how to sustain a wellness routine at home. The good news is that it is achievable with commitment and accountability. If you are a remote worker, you may have already settled into a wellness routine during the pandemic. Many people have successfully taken up fitness programs at home, and utilized their home environment for their wellness routine. If sustaining a wellness routine is something you struggle with, don’t despair;…

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Did You Know You Can Navigate Your Anxiety?

June 11, 2021

Steven Losardo, AMFT  You may be feeling a lot of apprehension about returning to work after months of working at home or unemployment while knowing we are still in the pandemic. You may be experiencing anxiety about what comes next for you. Feeling this way is common; anxiety has increased for many people during this time. One research study on Google trends discovered that more people have been searching for “worry” and “anxiety” as well as techniques…

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6 Tips For When The Corona Virus Brings Uncertainty, Worry Or Anxiety

April 1, 2020

Steven Losardo, AMFT In clinical practice, many behavioral tools assist with decreasing worry. Tools such as mindfulness, gratefulness logs, thought logs, prayer, and meditation all can be effective. Their efficacy is proven in many research studies. Several use an fMRI, and the data suggests that we can re-train our minds with these tools and others to build our emotional intelligence (EI) (Fishbane, 2013). Because the change to EI entails rewiring the brain, it requires much repetition and…

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