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Feeling Stuck? How Can we Pull Ourselves Out When Stuck in a Rut?

After living in a global pandemic for over a year now, many of us are struggling with feeling stuck. Stuck in our homes, stuck in the same routines, stuck in unhealthy patterns or relationships, and just stuck in general. Frequently, many of us are inspired and motivated by creative outlets or activities we partake in outside of working. However, many of those avenues haven’t been an option to us because of the restrictions from covid. This overall feeling of being stuck and unmotivated is something many people are struggling with right now. Unfortunately, when we find ourselves stuck in a rut, we aren’t the only ones who suffer. The people we live with and work with feed off our energy and when we’re feeling stuck our energy isn’t the most positive. At work, if we’re not feeling motivated it’s likely that’ll rub off on our coworkers and team as well. At home, we’re not the best versions of ourselves which will be noticeable to our friends, family, or roommates. So, now that we know that being stuck in a rut is normal but uncomfortable for both ourselves and others, how can we get ourselves motivated? Below are two very effective ways to begin creating momentum that can result in a big shift of energy and mental space.

A great way to begin getting ourselves unstuck is by switching up our routines. Many of us have been in the same modified schedule for the last 15 months and it’s likely starting to get old. When we do the same thing, in the same order, day after day, it’s no wonder we’re feeling stuck and uncomfortable. The first step is taking stock of your daily schedule and then seeing where there’s room to move things around. How we begin the day is incredibly important to cultivating a solid morning routine could make all the difference in how you experience the rest of your day. Having a morning routine that feels good for you determines much of whether you’ll be proactive and intentional throughout the day versus reactive. There are many aspects of a morning routine that can help set you up for success and decrease irritability and reactivity throughout the day. Many of these factors are discussed in my previous blog post, morning routines, on Symmetry’s website!

While creating a solid morning routine is a great start, changing the order in which you do things or the days of the week that certain tasks are completed may be enough to create some momentum out of your rut. Begin by picturing your ideal workday and then your ideal work week. Are you factoring in enough breaks? How much time are you allowing yourself to spend outside in the fresh air? Taking these things into consideration can be incredibly helpful. “To get out of a rut, you need to take stock of and redesign your schedule to make sure you have what you need to be at your best – and lead from a proactive, positive place.”

Another amazing way to pull ourselves out of a rut is by talking to people. When working from home, or with the few people going into our office, we find ourselves talking to the same people every day. If we can seek out other people to have conversations with, that pulls us out of our own heads and out of our normal routine. Talking to individuals in other fields or with other specialties has the ability to spark energy and motivation within ourselves. It’s also an excellent opportunity for networking. It’s important not to underestimate the power of outreach and engagement for getting unstuck. It allows us the chance to rekindle our creative energy, spark interest in others, and remind us that there is more to life than the four walls of our office. We all need that reminder sometimes! Feeling stuck is your mind and body telling you to try something new. It’s important to listen!

If you’ve found yourself struggling with stress related to returning to work or functioning within the work environment, it may be useful to try counseling. Contact Symmetry Counseling at 312-578-9990 to set up an appointment with one of our very skilled therapists today!

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