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Love Yourself Unconditionally

We tend to forget about ourselves and not love ourselves as much as maybe we should. No one else will love you, more than yourself. When you learn to love yourself unconditionally, you will have a more positive outlook on life and will be happier, which in turn reflects on how you treat others.

Channel your inner self

Remember who you are. Engage in yoga, mindfulness, meditation, anything sort of activity that makes you stay true to yourself and allows you to think about yourself. Being able to have some time spend on yourself and really reflect on your own emotions and thoughts.

Honestly face obstacles

Life can be hard at times, but you get to decide how you want life to go. Putting yourself in a positive mindset and not allowing negativity in your head. Being honest with what is coming up your path and being able to handle it in a positive way. Face what going on in your life. Do not sit on your feelings-allow yourself to express them openly.

Dealing with the trauma

Trauma is never easy to deal with. Allowing yourself to dig out negative thoughts and those old suppressed emotions can in turn give us an understanding of how they have been impacting your life. Being able to allow yourself to sit with your past and the trauma that has occurred.

Forgiving the past

Do not jump into forgiving all the bad that has happened in your life, however being able to tolerate it and understand why it happened is key. Being able to set boundaries for yourself and allowing yourself to realize to a certain extent what has occurred and what that means to you and yourself. Accepting others that have not been so kind to you can help you forgive your past and move forward.


Accept who you are and where you are in life right now. Not always are we satisfied where we are in life and we are always comparing our self to others. Being sure that you are accepting of where you are currently. You have already accomplished a lot in life and be happy with all that you have accomplished. Do not compare yourself to others because that will only lead to failure.

Form meaningful relationships

As we get older, our friend groups get smaller, but they get closer and stronger. Do not go out and try to be friends with everyone you meet, as that will take away from time for yourself. Ask yourself if you honestly want this person you met through a friend as your best friend-if not, be courteous, but move on with your life. Find people that are aspiring the same things you are. That are as motivated as you are. That can help motivate and push you.

Practice how you want to be treated

The old saying about treating others as you want to be treated is true. If you want to be treated with respect, then give respect to others. Be the leader for them to follow how to treat people. Give them attention, so then you get attention in return. Give them honesty so you get honesty back.

If you feel like you are struggling with loving yourself, do not be hard on yourself. Sometimes you just need support or a push. Any of our trained therapists at Symmetry Counseling can help you through that. Reach out to any of them for more information on how they can help you.

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