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Meet Our Therapists — Madissyn Fredericks

At Symmetry Counseling, we are proud of our staff of highly trained and experienced licensed mental health professionals. In the above video, meet Madissyn Fredericks, a Licensed Professional Counselor here at Symmetry Counseling.

What made you decide to be a therapist?

I decided to become a therapist because I couldn’t think of another profession where I would have the opportunity to build relationships with people every day and make a difference in their lives.

What are your specialties?

My specialties include treating people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and a lot of self-esteem issues.

What is your therapeutic stance?

My therapeutic stance includes letting the client guide the sessions. I really think that I try to work with what’s best for them and use an approach that’s going to suit them best. So for example, if they really want something that’s more structured, I like to give them some more worksheets or activities that are really going to be helpful for them.

What do you enjoy most about being a therapist?

I enjoy being a therapist because there is nothing better than having someone come in and tell you that they’re feeling better, to make a difference in their lives, and to be able to be inspired by them on a daily basis. It’s really great to be able to have something that I feel good about, and I can help other people feel good about themselves as well.

If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

If I was an animal, I think I would be something like a deer or something that is very observant because they are good listeners, they’re alert, intuitive, and I can be timid at times, so I think that goes pretty well with my personality.

What do you do for self-care?

For self-care, which I think is very, very important, I like to spend a lot of time with my family. I really enjoy talking to them in person and on the phone, meeting up with friends, being very social, that’s something that’s really important to me. Along with reading good books, exercise, and just taking care of myself the best way I can.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

If I had to pick between early bird and night owl, I would definitely pick night owl. I am not a morning person. But I do stay up really late and I don’t always like that about myself but I think it’s something that I’ve always done and probably will do for a very long time.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include many things. I really like to exercise, I do enjoy dancing, which is something I have liked to do my whole life. It’s been harder to carry on into adulthood but I really enjoy that. And as I said before, my family is probably the most important thing in my life so spending time with them and other important relationships is how I like to really decompress and enjoy spending my time outside of work.

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