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Tips to Building a Successful Morning Routine

Megan Mulroy, LPC 

Having a solid morning routine can help kick start your day and set you up for success in the workplace as well as in your personal life.  When you are rushing to get out of the house that frantic energy can often follow you around all day and can trigger a bad mood. When we are rushed, we are more prone to make mistakes, be short with people, and miss deadlines. As a certified morning person, here are some tips and tricks that can help you to build habits that stick: 

 Get A Good Night’s Sleep: The first step in having a solid morning routine is being well rested enough to do it. In Mary Lauren O’Crowley’s blog post on sleep hygiene she shares some best practices on how having proper sleeping habits can improve mental health. 

Set Your Alarm Earlier Than You Want: If you need to be at the computer at 9 AM, try not to set your alarm for 8:45. If you don’t give yourself enough time to wake up, you run a high risk of being drowsy through your first few meetings and your work might suffer. Or, you may be so rushed to get ready in time that you miss crucial details in your work or sleep through an appointment. 

Move Your Body (Even a Little): I’m not saying you have to run 13 miles when you first wake up, but finding even small ways to move your body can give you a little burst of energy that not even coffee can. Gentle stretching, walking the dog, or some restorative yoga are good places to start. 

Drink Some Water: Supplement your morning coffee with some water. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day and starting your day with some water is a good way to break into that habit. When we sleep, we deprive ourselves from water for hours on end- something we would never do if we were awake. Make sure to reward your body by properly hydrating. 

Do a Chore:  Do you loathe doing laundry or paying bills? Maybe you will find that doing a hated task at a different time of day makes it easier and more bearable. I cannot stand doing my dishes, but the idea of getting them done first thing in the morning instead of late at night after a busy day makes me more motivated to get it done and gives me a sense of accomplishment throughout the day. 

Make Your Bed: Especially if you are working from home or in your bedroom, making the bed once you get out it can help you set an organized tone for the day. It also may deter you from getting back into it before your first meeting or during your lunch break. 

Eat Something: A lot of folks find that eating in the morning is hard as they have no appetite. While this might be the case, starting your day off with some food can help stave off mid-day hanger and make you more invigorated throughout the working day. Try and make something you would look forward to eating, or just something super simple you don’t have to put too much thought into. 

Meditation and Gratitude: If you can start out your day with a short meditation or making a quick list of things you may be grateful for, there’s a better chance you will take that calm presence into the workday instead of the frantic one that is caused by rushing through your morning. Taking the time to slow down and notice how you are feeling and what you are grateful for has huge benefits. 

  If you find yourself struggling to build habits or focus throughout the day, contact Symmetry Counseling today to meet with one of our counselors that can help you!

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