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Utilizing Psychotherapy for Aging Women’s Health Concerns

February 5, 2022

Shannon M. Duffy, MFT, LCPC One topic that all of us women will experience at some point in our lives tends to be a taboo topic. Menopause is a taboo topic. Many of us have feared Menopause, due to the stigma, stereotypes, and what it “means” for us as women when we enter out of our reproductive stages. The challenging aspect of discussing Perimenopause and Menopause is that every woman will have a different experience, different onset,…

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5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays While Grieving

February 4, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC Annie Roiphe once said, “Grief has two parts. First one is loss and the other is remaking of life.” These words ring true for the holiday season when grief and loss can lead to a complete overhaul of the longstanding traditions we once held so dear. Instead of connection, we may feel isolation. Instead of joy, we may feel defeat.  It can be challenging to overcome these difficult emotions when there are sounds of…

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Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Dealing With Mental Illness

February 3, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC A meaningful present reminds your loved one that you care about them and appreciate their presence. We’re confident you’re doing everything you can to support your friend or family member while they’re going through a tough time. As they attend therapy and doctors’ appointments and take other steps to cultivate wellness, a modest present may help lift their spirits and brighten their days as well. We’ve compiled a list of gifts to cheer someone…

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How to Create a Self-Care Routine

February 2, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC  Self-care is all about a daily routine that you follow and that ultimately helps you take care of yourself and keep your mental and physical health manageable. You may already feel motivated to implement a self-care routine, but simply understanding the importance of self-care is one thing and actually finding the time to put it into practice is another. For that, you must know and understand certain aspects of the self-care routine. How…

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Impostor Syndrome: What Is It and How Can I Manage It?

February 1, 2022

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC Look at some of your most significant achievements. Are you satisfied with your accomplishments? Alternatively, do you believe you are a phony? What emotions do you experience with each raise, promotion, or award? Perhaps it’s accompanied by an apprehension that your luck will run out and everyone will find out that you are not as talented as they believe? Many people suffer from self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. You are not alone if you…

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Is Setting Boundaries Important In Relationships?

January 4, 2022

Erin Ameri, LPC One of the main sources of anxiety I find clients struggling with is about setting boundaries in their relationships. Many of us tend to fall on the “people pleasing” scale and often feel guilty or selfish when we put our needs first. The problem with this is it leads to feelings of resentment and unmet needs, which don’t allow us to show up authentically in relationships. Social connection and support are powerful tools when…

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Raising Great Kids: What Does the Research Say? Part III

January 3, 2022

By: Bridgette W. Gottwald, LPC, NCC It’s important to recognize that not all kids are raised by two parents, or by their biological parents at all. These children are not at a disadvantage. This blog series has articulated a large body of research within and across genders that highlight the needs that mothers and fathers (or other guardians) can fulfill as children. But don’t fret, if one or some of these needs go unmet, it does not…

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Raising Great Kids: What Does the Research Say? Part II

January 2, 2022

By: Bridgette W. Gottwald, LPC, NCC If you read part one to this three-part blog series, you learned about what sons need from their Dads and what daughters need from their Moms. As you can imagine, both of these needs are different, and both Mom and Dad must work together to cover their bases in different ways. An open line of communication regarding meeting the needs of children together as a team is always recommended, and checking…

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Raising Great Kids: What Does the Research Say? Part I

January 1, 2022

By: Bridgette W. Gottwald, LPC, NCC For those of you that know me, you might be thinking “What is she doing writing about parenting, she just became one!” Well, I don’t blame you. Yes, I am new to this, constantly learning and researching to be the best parent that I can be to my new bundle of joy. As a clinician, I take the approach of always keeping myself open to learning. The minute one starts thinking…

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What is Cognitive Processing Therapy?

December 31, 2021

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC  CPT or Cognitive Processing Therapy is a type of behavioral therapy that focuses specifically on patients who are survivors of trauma. This may include child abuse, domestic abuse, rape, natural disasters, major accidents, combat, among others. What is Cognitive Processing Therapy and How Does it Help in The Treatment of Trauma?  This particular therapeutic process is conducted for an average of 12 sessions and gradually helps the patients to address the root of their trauma and the…

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