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Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Dealing With Mental Illness

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley, NCC, LPC

A meaningful present reminds your loved one that you care about them and appreciate their presence. We’re confident you’re doing everything you can to support your friend or family member while they’re going through a tough time. As they attend therapy and doctors’ appointments and take other steps to cultivate wellness, a modest present may help lift their spirits and brighten their days as well. We’ve compiled a list of gifts to cheer someone up, so choose the one that best matches your loved one’s personality and interests. Whenever they feel down and out, reaffirm to them that they are important to you and provide them with items that are just right for them.

1) Weighted blankets

Weighted blankets may help alleviate the symptoms of both depression and anxiety. In addition to being soft and cozy, these blankets are filled with tiny pellets that help keep the blanket’s weight in check. It’s like if you’re getting a warm embrace or a nice massage from the blanket.

2) Equipment for working out

If you’re suffering from mental health issues, it’s crucial to get regular exercise. Everyone should work out for at least half an hour daily. On the other hand, mental health issues might make it difficult for your loved one to go to the gymnasium or even feel comfortable going out of the home. What better way to help them get back into shape than by providing them with a workout DVD, yoga mat, or other pieces of equipment that they can use at home to get the exercise they need?

3) A book

Self-help books could be a good option if you are not sure what to purchase. In reality, self-help books are not as “cheesy” as they may seem. As a family member or loved one of someone navigating a mental illness, you may assist them in providing valuable information. 

4) A gift card for a massage

People with mental health problems may benefit significantly from getting out of the home and receiving a massage that will help both a tired mind and body to relax. Many people view massages as an unnecessary or exorbitant luxury. Give them a massage gift card if you want to show your loved ones that they deserve a little pampering.

5) Relaxation MP3s or CDs 

It is not uncommon for persons dealing with mental illness to have difficulty calming themselves down and regulating their overwhelming emotions. Relaxation music CDs or MP3s are an easy way to cultivate a sense of calm and comfort. Whether nature melodies or instrumental music, even calming voices directing the listener through relaxation techniques or gradual muscle relaxation, this kind of gift may help alleviate some of the symptoms of a mental illness.

6) Tickets to a wellness event or retreat 

If you do some quick research, you may come across a broad range of mental health and well-being events. This kind of event might include a film showing, a workshop, a convention, or a fund-raising event. Spending time with like-minded individuals, namely, others who have navigated mental illness can create a sense of universality, allowing our loved ones to see that they are not alone in their struggles. 

7) Mood tracking journal

Tracking one’s mood is a conventional recommendation from counselors when one is suffering from mental illness. This mood notebook is filled with lovely writing prompts and helps to draw connections between everyday activities and one’s mood. That way, you’ll be able to do more of the things that make you happy and less of the things that bring you down. A daily notebook, monthly tracking sheets, and reflection pages are all included.

8) Art supplies

A fantastic approach to communicate emotions and reduce tension and anxiety is via the use of art. you may purchase gifts for family and friends at craft shops or online. Gift cards are also a smart way to promote their interests and abilities while enabling them to choose the particular tools they wish or need. 

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