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How to Increase Motivation and Productivity During Covid

Mary-Lauren O’Crowley NCC, LPC


The pandemic brought with it a lot of disruptions. Aside from limiting physical interaction, it also altered in-office jobs, causing most companies to adapt to remote working. The interruption has been emotionally draining, interfering greatly with concentration, motivation, and production.

         The covid season has introduced new struggles. While you may not be rushing to beat traffic, you may find that you are instead grappling with laziness, as sleep, entertainment, and domestic responsibilities contend with those of work. There is also very little incentive to remain active. With most gyms closed and people being required to wear masks in public, it is nearly impossible to derive the same joy from indoor workouts or even outdoor runs. Additionally, this newfound “flexibility” tempts many to crawl out of bed without a shower or a cup of coffee and plant themselves right in front of their computer to start the workday.  

Motivation and concentration are a byproduct of routine. Somehow, firm deadlines, the presence of like-minded individuals, and work expectations are vital in producing purpose and attentiveness. The freedom that comes with working from home can kill both. Suddenly, lounging in your pajamas and picking up after the kids become of utmost importance. Even the desire to eat healthy, clean food may go down the drain. After all, your mind has made an association between work and the place where you unwind and relax. What can you do to overcome this season of unproductivity, you might be asking yourself? Read on to find tangible ways to help you increase your motivation and concentration whilst the pandemic drags on:

Set up a Work Station

         Instead of working in your bed or on your couch, create a place strictly for work. Let your loved ones know that once you enter this place, you mean business. There is no room for interaction or disruption. It is your home office – a place where work gets done. Furthermore, a workstation creates a distinction between work and rest time. It primes your mind to focus on work. Therefore, your engagement increases. It also locks out other disturbances, keeping your locus on work. 


Embrace Good Grooming

         Show up in your workstation prepared to be productive. Instead of rolling out of bed and into your home office, take a shower. Showering revitalizes your mind and increases your alertness and enthusiasm. Dress up to boost your commitment to the day’s plan. 

 Have a Schedule

         They say failing to plan is planning to fail. Therefore, have a doable schedule with pragmatic goals. Do not sell yourself short or let your ambitions get in the way of reality. Let what you can achieve in eight hours be your compass. A schedule arouses motivation by keeping you on your toes on deadlines. It ignites the adrenaline rush required to meet the day’s objective. 

 Eliminate Distractions

 Stay away from productivity killers. Your phone, the show on TV you have been dying to watch, food, your kids, and your spouse interfere with your work time. It is always during office hours that your phone becomes irresistible. Suddenly, all the ideas of TV series you need to watch come flooding into your mind. Resist the temptation by keeping off disturbances. 

 Never Work Beyond Your Schedule Time

         Even though working from home gives you the option to work throughout the day and night, stick to your new schedule. Working beyond your productive hour keeps you drained and tired. It makes office work repulsive because of the continuous presence of work. Savor the time you have allocated for rest. It gives you something to look forward to at the end of the day. 

 Avoid Negative News

         The pandemic has been a difficult period for everyone. Every day you are bombarded with news about the Covid-19 virus ravaging the world. The uncertainty, sickness, and deaths are deleterious to your mental health. It affects your outlook on the future and increases anxiety about the present. Consume positive information to keep hope alive. Look at things from a realistic lens. You are not in control of tomorrow, but you have the strength to face today. Therefore, take it one day at a time. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with motivation during the pandemic, please reach out to the intake specialists at Symmetry Counseling in Chicago today!

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