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Motherhood: What Does My Baby Need Most?

By: Bridgette W. Gottwald, LPC, NCC

About two weeks into motherhood, my sister-in-law sent me this “Love Letter from Your Baby” written by Jess Urlichs. While navigating the biggest and most rewarding and exciting, yet challenging thing that’s ever happened to me, also while recovering from a C-section, at the time there was nothing that I needed to read more than this. It can be a scary and confusing time, with lots of firsts and unknowns. 

Personally, although I am only three weeks in, following my instincts has taken me a long way, and trusting that things will get better with time has been a saving grace. Patience takes on a new meaning. While in recovery mode and also more sleep-deprived than ever, it can be a highly stressful time – but at the same time, so very special as well. This “love letter” puts things into perspective and allows us to see what things may be like from the infant’s point of view as they grow, learn, and get acquainted with the outside world. Remember that you have accomplished one of life’s greatest gifts – you’ve brought life to this world. Don’t forget to give yourself some grace and acceptance for mistakes that you make. After all, they are learning lessons. You are doing far better than you think and no one knows what your baby needs better than you.

Mama, All I See Is You

A Love Letter from Your Baby

By: Jess Urlichs


I can’t see past you right now, I’m so small and everything’s a little blurry.

All I see is you.

When you feel alone, like the walls are closing in, remember I’m here too. I know your world has changed and the days feel a little lonely. But they aren’t lonely for me.

You are my everything.

When you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re making it look easy to me. Even though we’re still getting to know each other, you know me better than anyone.

I trust you.


When you think some nights you’ll never sleep again, you will. We both will. But I’m scared right now. I promise I’m not manipulating you. I just need your smell and comfort. Do you feel that tug in your heart when we’re apart? I do too.

I miss you.

When you feel as if you’ve achieved nothing, please know, my cup has never been so full. The days that get away on you will be some of my best memories of us playing together on the ground.

I love you.

When you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore, when you turn away from the mirror. That face will be the one I look to when I achieve something, the one I search for in a crowd. The reason for my first smile.

You’re perfect to me.

When you feel like the weight of it all is heavy in your heart, please know I’ve never felt lighter. Can I lay here with you a little longer?

I won’t always need you like this.

But I need you right now.

When you feel as if you have nothing left to give, when I see your hands outstretched at me, pleading. When we’re both crying. I wish I could talk, but I can’t.

If I could I would tell you,
There’s a reason I chose you.

I can’t see past you right now mama, because you are my world.
It will get bigger, soon enough.

But for now,
All I see is you.

Reference: Urlichs, J. (2020). All I See Is You: A Love Letter from Your Baby. Retrieved from: 

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