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Mental Health Awareness Month: How Can I Celebrate?

By: Bridgette W. Gottwad, LPC, NCC

 Since 1949, May has been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month in the U.S. Throughout life, mental health can vary based upon our circumstances and the state of the world. Amidst 2020 and 2021, mental health in general as society has taken a general decline. It is beneficial to observe mental health awareness month to reduce the stigma that surrounds psychological illness. Additionally, it can be beneficial in bringing the community together, sharing education, and promoting policies that help people who struggle with mental disorders. Below are five ways you can celebrate mental health awareness month. 

  1. Start a conversation 

Often it’s hard to ask for help on your own. An easy way to build awareness or encourage someone is to simply ask them how they are doing. The conversation doesn’t have to take an immediate serious turn and some ways you could do this is by asking the following questions:

  • How are you?
  • Are you doing okay?
  • Do you feel like you’ve been needing someone to talk to? If so, I’m here to support you.
  • Is there anything that I can do to help or that you need from me?
  • I want to know how you’re feeling because I care about you.

Calling a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while to check in on them or sending a text message to a few people who you haven’t heard from are easy ways to brighten someone’s day who might need it. 

  1. Prioritize your mental health 

Mental Health Awareness month is an ideal time to reflect upon your mental health. To evaluate your own state of mental health and well-being, consider asking yourself some of the questions listed above. What comes up for you? If you are noticing that you could benefit from some support, seek it as soon as possible and try not to put it off. In addition, make sure you are getting the rest that you need every night, eating healthily, exercising regularly, practicing mindfulness, taking time for yourself, and doing activities that you enjoy. 

  1. Donate or volunteer

There are so many organizations out there that promote mental health and wellness. This month is the perfect time to donate and if it’s not something you have done before, you might want to consider it. If you have a May birthday, you could ask people to donate to a non-profit mental wellness organization instead of giving gifts. Also, you could look into volunteering your time for clinics or crisis hotlines. 

  1. Share information

Spreading awareness begins with sharing information. See how you can contribute to local organizations – this might look like social media posts, handing out flyers, or sharing resources. If you don’t want to share information, you could engage in improving your education about mental wellness, such as reading a book about psychological disorders, attending a webinar, or listening to a podcast. 

  1. Let someone know that they’re not alone

Often, people with mental health disorders feel isolated and highly understood. If you have experienced mental health issues yourself, consider sharing them within a safe environment. Sharing your story with others shows vulnerability and makes you more relatable to others that are also struggling. It also can encourage others to speak out as well. Approximately twenty percent of American adults experience some type of psychological illness during their lifetime, and even if you aren’t in the twenty percent, you might struggle with periods of stress or overwhelm that challenge you in other ways. You don’t have to go through these difficult times alone, and if you reach out, you can be matched with one of our talented therapists in Chicago at Symmetry Counseling. Give us a call today at 312-578-9990. 


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